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September 2018 Newsletter

Mr. Osten Olorunsola, once headed the Department of Petroleum Resources. But he now serves in the Expert Advisory Panel of the Nigeria Natural Resource Charter. He is also the Lead Consultant to the National Assembly on the Petroleum Industry Bills... Read More

June 2018 Newsletter

A new Report on the contributions of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to the national economy, produced by the Centre for Petroleum Energy Economics and Law (CPEEL), of the University of Ibadan in collaboration with the Nigeria Natural Resource... Read More

March 2018 Newsletter

The Nigeria Natural Resource Charter (NNRC) presented the findings from its 2017 Benchmarking Exercise Report (BER) through a Policy Dialogue and Capacity Building Workshop to members of the media, civil society organizations (CSO) the academia, ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs)... Read More

December 2017 Newsletter

The Nigeria Natural Resource Charter (NNRC) concluded its assessment of the petroleum sector during this quarter. The results of the assessment were represented in the NNRC’s 2017 Benchmarking Exercise Report #BER. Key findings from that assessment were shared with key... Read More