9 Ona Crescent, Off Lake Chad Crescent,Maitama, Abuja, Nigeria

Mr Tunji Lardner

Mr Tunji Lardner holds a Bachelors degree in Philosophy from the University of Lagos, and over the last twenty-five years gathered wide international experience including serving as an Adjunct Professor, Centre for New Media at the Columbia University School of Journalism (1996-8) and as a Research Fellow, Freedom Forum Media Studies Centre (1992-3) also at Columbia University. Mr. Lardner was also a Reuters Scholar/Knight Fellow with the Department of Communications at Stanford University (1988-9). Mr. Lardner is an Internet savvy and globally recognized media and communications expert as well as a sought after public policy analyst with a deep and broad understanding of the uses and impact of new information technologies and communications paradigms in the process of good governance in transiting democracies. He is the Executive Director of WANGONeT a technology-based non-profit organization he founded in 2000. He currently sits on the board of Orun Energy, a promising business start-up focusing on providing alternative power for the Telecommunications sector in the developing world. He acts as the lead of the social development group on the expert panel.