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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Volatility of Commodity Prices and Investment Flows

Precept 8 The unpredictability and volatility of commodity prices, capital movements and revenue flows are well known—often from bitter experience of inflation, Dutch Disease and boom & bust in public expenditure and borrowing in resource-rich countries. A couple of recent... Read More

Ghana Oil Readiness Report Card

Last month, Ghana’s Civil Society Platform on Oil and Gas issued a ‘Readiness Report Card’ on stakeholder preparations for the potentially transformative—and disruptive—impact of oil revenues from the Jubilee Field, where commercial extraction began in December 2010, marking Ghana’s debut as an oil producer.... Read More

Oil Money Must Not Be Eaten Too

Civil Society Uganda Precept 2 When the big people eat the money…indignant animators strike back. Watch this call for transparency and vigilance circulating in Uganda, urging families to take possession of theirresource wealth—and their country. Hat tip: Alice Powell at the... Read More

Transparency and Beyond

Precept 1 Precept 2 Precept 11 Precept 12 Earlier this year the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) held its fifth Global Conference in Paris. The event was dominated by often lively debate on three broad issues: the extent to which the voluntary... Read More