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Benchmarking Workshop

Benchmarking Framework Workshop
The Natural Resource Charter (NRC) conducted a workshop to review its Bench-marking Framework following the completion of the pilot NRC Bench-marking exercise in Nigeria in 2012. Leading researchers, practitioners and end-users of measurement tools, indicators, and diagnostic frameworks were brought together in order to assess the design of the Bench-marking Framework and the approach used in its implementation. In doing so, the discussions focused upon how to effectively measure aspects of natural resource management, diagnose weak links along the decision chain and support the development of policy responses based upon the diagnoses.

The workshop was separated into three sessions, each of which focused upon an aspect of the Benchmarking Framework. In order to engage participants and initiate a fruitful discussion, speakers were invited to present their work in relation to one of the sessions. The presentations and associated documents are available for download below.

Session One: How is the Bench-marking Process convened and implemented and how can it be used to support an improvement in governance?
Discussion points:
– What makes the Bench-marking process useful for governments and other users?
– Can the process help support a ‘national dialogue’ on resource management and the strategic vision for a country?
– What follow up actions should be pursued once an initial Benchmarking Exercise is completed?

Session Two: What do we want to measure and what criteria do we choose for benchmarking performance?
Discussion points:

– How do we translate the principles and good practice of resource management into something that can be used as a benchmark?
– What sort of tool should we deliver? diagnosis of problems, prioritized set of policy recommendations with a roadmap of implementation?
– To what extent can the Framework adapt to country context?
– How is performance scored?

Session Three: How do we configure the methodology of the Framework in order to measure resource governance?
Discussion points:

– In what manner should our bench-marking questions be answered? Research may take the form of in-depth technical analysis, the use of internal indices, or expert opinion.
– In the context of this being a country-led process, what support can be given by NRC Secretariat and others?

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