Dear Colleagues,

The Natural Resource Charter invites contributions from all stakeholders as part of its annual consultation and revision process.

The Charter is a ‘living document’; it is open for submissions to update and refine its recommendations based on emerging best practice, country experience, and expert evidence. We encourage you to pick up the latest copy of the text here and submit any comments via the GOXI discussion group and any suggested resources via the submission form.

The Charter is governed by an Oversight Board of eminent international figures drawn from across the Global South and chaired by former President Ernesto Zedillo. The Charter’s Technical Advisory Group, chaired by Nobel Laureate in Economics Michael Spence, is charged with considering all inputs to the Charter document and recommending revisions to the text.
All submissions made, either via the NRC group on GOXI, the NRC website or by other means, by June 27th, will be discussed at the annual technical workshop, with a view to inclusion in the 2011 iteration of the Charter.

Additional information on the Charter can be accessed via the FAQs.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Prof Paul Collier